Little boat

I came across one of these sweet fellows by accident and I remembered I had one when I was 5 or something like that. I can’t remember any details, just that I used to have a lot of fun with it, dipping it into the water and letting it come to the surface.

I was immediately reminded of one of the main reasons I love making music. So that I create memories, objects which will one day allow me to connect to my current state and meet with one my past selves, selves so remote I will not be able to identify.

Brand new track

A fresh one has just been mixed and mastered. Four to go to complete the upcoming album. Dive in.

3 new tracks

Run Forest! Run! I have added three new tracks to my soundcloud profile. Check them out.

Zoroastrianisms (Paramorphonic remix)

Here is Paramorphonic’s remix on one of my upcoming tracks called Zoroastrianisms on the Surface of the Sea.

Kyklophon by Michalis Shammas

A friend, Michalis Shammas, created Kyklophon, an amazing semi-automated instrument, which generates frequency patterns. Kyklophon is mainly made of wood and consists of complex rotating parts, strings and weights.

Sharing on Blend

This is a track I completed on 2008 and I am now sharing on Blend. I would love to listen to it remixed or totally changed by another artist, as long as there is a reference to Aftofono. If you have any questions or requests, please, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be uploading more soon.