Aftofono is the name under which I compose and produce music. It’s a word play in Greek describing that which has its own voice/sound, what is audible without the use of other means.

I have been a musician, composing and producing music for more than a decade. I studied guitar and music technology and was a member of various bands spanning from blues-rock to progressive metal.

The music of Aftofono is a mixture of natural and synthesized sounds producing symphonic atmospheres, dark ambiances and low-tempo beats. Its distinct sound and character was established for the first time with the album Intellectronica, released on 2008.

Aftofono has since then collaborated with musicians like Tengu ni Naru, Paramorphonic, MentoR and Aris Siafas, as well as video artists like Eleni Tsimidou, Zonat and Kyriakos Nohoutidis to name a few, leading to music for performances, concerts, video-art etc.